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We do not accept Russia's hostilities in Ukraine. We help Finns survive to the best of our ability.

News about certification



Markinvest recently received a AAA credit rating, which has only been granted to 3% of Finnish companies.

In addition to the AAA rating, Markinvest has been granted the Lowest Credit Risk class 1 certificate. Both the credit rating and the certificate were granted for 2021.

The AAA rating, which is granted annually, can be given to a company with particularly strong financial indicators, a good background and payment history and a sufficient operational volume.

The AAA rating and the Lowest Credit Risk certificate are granted by the credit data company Bisnode Finland Oy.

‘For us, achieving this credit rating has inherent value because it enables us to participate in bidding processes. It is a recognition of our good financial policies, sensible and realistic attitude and conscientious work.’

‘Markinvest was hit hard by the financial slump that began in 2008 and lasted for a long time. Just when we got through that, sanctions were imposed against Russia in 2014 and they are still in place.

And of course, this COVID-19 pandemic is another huge bump in the road.’

‘We are proud of how our long-term customers have trusted our ability to operate throughout these times and have recommended us to new customers in Finland, Sweden, the UK and Russia. Thank you.’

‘We are seeking growth in new areas. We have created a CBC concept that we believe will bring results as early as next year.’

Markinvest is a competent, reliable and responsible partner for your company.
Markinvest Oy
Pekka Peltonen, CEO


Company-specific EAC certification training

The training course is specifically designed for companies that sell services or products to Russia.
We will provide the company with information on the documentation it requires in order to deliver and commission its products and systems in the area of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) and on how to apply for the EAC certificate.

Content of the training course:
    A. Analysis of the company’s certification needs
         We analyse the company’s products, distribution channels and special characteristics.

   B. Handling of certification matters in collaboration with the company’s staff
       - TR CU certificates and declarations of conformity
      - Certification tests and reports
      - Production inspections
      - Industrial safety analyses, ‘risky industrial facilities’
      - Safety Case, the basis of safety
      - Technical passports and documents, GOST requirements
      - User Manuals, GOST requirements
      - EAC label, TR requirements
      - Technical translations

For further information, contact:
Pekka Peltonen, tel. +358 40 900 0322, pekka.peltonen@markinvest.fi
Andrey Uvarov, tel. +358 40 900 0320, andrey@markinvest.fi

Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU)

The Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) was created in part in response to the economic and political influence of the European Union and other Western countries. As of May 2018, member states include Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.


We offer comprehensive EAC Eurasian Economic Union conformity certification services.

We advise companies on the documents that are required for export and commissioning operations in Russia and other member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). We also offer assistance in the certification process.

Our certification services:
- CU TR certificates and declarations of conformity (EAEU)
- Certification tests and reports
- Industrial safety analyses
- Technical passports and documents, GOST requirements
- Instructions for use, GOST requirements
- EAC label, TR requirements
- Production inspections
- Technical translations

Our company-specific certification training courses for 2019 can be booked now.

You can contact us at any time:
Pekka Peltonen, mob. +358 40 900 0322, pekka.peltonen@markinvest.fi,
Andrey Uvarov, mob. +358 40 900 0320, andrey@markinvest.fi.

Need for certification and certification within the customs union

The customs union has created a catalogue of compulsory certifiable products and certification right (customs union) has been  granted to a few certification bodies. National certification regulations will be applied to products not included on the catalogue of compulsory certifiable products.

Certification within the customs union
Hygiene Epidemiological control (inspection)
According to the agreement made by the customs union, some products are subject to hygiene epidemiological control (inspection). The catalogue includes for example: food products; children's products; different kind of materials; equipment and substances used in water pipes and water purification plants; cosmetics and oral hygiene substances; industrial chemicals and petrochemical products, household chemicals, plastic and synthetic materials; textiles, sewing and knitting materials etc.

Hygiene epidemiological state registration
Some products are subject to state registration (hygiene epidemiological agency). The list includes for example: mineral water, soft drinks, beer; special food products, such as children's food, food products for expectant and breastfeeding women, diet products, biologically active food additives; cosmetics, oral hygiene products; disinfectants; household chemicals; possibly dangerous chemical and biological substances; different kinds of materials, equipment; equipment for drinking water piping; personal hygiene products for children and adults etc.

Compulsory evidence of conformity:
In the form of Certificate of Conformity, for example: electrical engineering products, kitchenware, tools, electronics, heating devices, computers; road construction materials (sand,  macadam); agricultural machinery, forestry machinery, railway equipment; footwear, clothing; different kinds of products for children, toys; rowing boats; furniture etc.

In the form of declaration granted by a certification body, for example: rechargeable batteries; underwear, bedding; tobacco; fish products; coffee, tea, spices etc.

In the form of declaration granted by the maker, for example: clocks; glass bottles, tableware used by adults; detergents, sanitary products etc.
National certification

The amount of obligatory certifiable products has decreased, but on the other hand, new regulations and requirements have been introduced.  Depending on the product, export and sales for example to Russia may require GOST R certificate or certificate according to technical reclamation or declaration and so on.
National certificates:
GOST R certificate to Russia,  GOST K certificate to Kazakhstan, UkrSEPRO certificate to Ukraine and BelCT certificate to Belarus.

Contact us, we answer.

Markinvest Oy Certification Services
Pekka Peltonen, tel. +358 (0)3 -752 1810 and +358 (0)40 -900 0322 or
pekka.peltonen(a)gost-r.fi. Ask for an offer: pekka.peltonen(a)gost-r.fi.


Finnish company providing certificates also to Swedish companies

Markinvest Ltd certification services has been selected as a provider of GOST K certificates for a Swedish industrial company exporting goods to Kazakhstan. Prior to this, GOST K certification has been provided to British and Czech industry for export, sales and introduction.
Kazakhstan is a potential marketing area for many Finnish companies. Exports from Finland include paper, chemicals, building export, small house export, machinery and equipment of different kinds of industry, environmental technology such as water purification, equipment needed in energy production and so on.
Markinvest Ltd certification services provides GOST K certification (single batch certificate,  serial certificate, license etc.) for different industry sectors including:

  • - machinery and equipment industry
  • - electrical device and electronics industry
  • - furniture, household product and textile industry
  • - environmental technology and water purification
  • - prefabricated houses and construction equipment industry
  • - foodstuff and beverage industry
  • - coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate producing industry etc.

Markinvest Ltd certification services is a strong partner whenever a company is in need of certificates to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus or Ukraine.

Contact us, we answer.
Markinvest Oy Certification Services

Pekka Peltonen, tel. +358 (0)3 -752 1810 and +358 (0)40 -900 0322 or
pekka.peltonen(a)gost-r.fi. Ask for an offer: pekka.peltonen(a)gost-r.fi.




You can contact us or send a request to get a quotation

Make sure that the goods can be imported to the territory of Russia and Customs Union. At "Markinvest Oy" you can get required certificates for export to Russia and Customs Union: Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
Markinvest Oy member of business consultants union (LJK). Consultants of LJK meet approved international ethic rules and meet high requirements established to experience and training. Members of LJK are controlled by ethic committee.
MarkInvest Oy
Tel. (03) 752 1810
Karjalankatu 35 A, 15150 Lahti, Finland

Markinvest Oy
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