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Declaration, the manufacturer's declaration of conformity

Declaration, or manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity has replaced some of the Russian GOST R (GOST R certificate) and TR (technical regulation) certification. Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity (regulation) is based on the Russian government’s act of reducing the mandatory GOST R and TR certification.

Currently, many products require mandatory declaration. The declaration is granted to the exporter's Russian applicant. With this decree, the Russian government seeks to move product liability to the Russian importer and retailer.

Declaration process and validity of declaration

The declaration process is similar to GOST R and TR certification process. A declaration may be valid for the entire manufacturing span of the product, as opposed to GOST R certificate’s validity of 1-3 years and TR declaration’s validity of 1-5 years.

Before the declaration can be granted, the manufacturing company must present:

  • - Information about the product, material, use, instructions, models, etc..
  • - The manufacturer's information, contacts, other certifications,
  • - Details of the applicant
  • - Fire Safety certificate (Fire Certificate) if necessary,
  • - Sanitary-epidemiological inspection certificate or statement of an expert, if necessary, etc..

Declaration is granted (signed and dated) by a Russian certification body. Signature and stamp of the Russian applicant shall also be added to the declaration, also known as the manufacturer's declaration of conformity.

The Russian applicant must present the following information to the certification body:

  • - Evidence of belonging to tax register
  • - State registration certificate
  • - Statistical code
  • - The company's articles of association (1 .. 3 and last page)
  • - Cooperation agreement

Declaration is required for eg. the following products that earlier had to apply for GOST R Certificate:

- Drinks, food, electrical appliances, thermal windows, motor oil, plates, utensils, cleaning products, paints, paper products, etc..

Voluntary certification is often applied for alongside with the declaration, because the retailers would expressly want to have "certificates".

Markinvest Ltd is an experienced, reliable and knowledgeable partner in Finland

Markinvest certification service has 20 years of experience in the certification field. We cooperate with competent certification bodies and qualified experts in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

Markinvest provides a centralized certification service for international export companies. From Markinvest, the exporter gets all the necessary certifications and approvals demanded by the Customs Union, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus for export, sales and distribution.

We seek the optimal certification solution for our customer.

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