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GOST R Russia, GOST R certificate


GOST K Kazakhstan, UkrSEPRO Ukraine and BelST Belarus Certificate

GOST Certification; export to Russia, Russian trade and sales in Russia often require GOST R –certificate. GOST R –certificate (Certificate of Conformity) acerts that the goods delivered in Russia, and/or production line where they were manufactured, conform to the Russian Safety Standards. A certificate of compliance is intended for certification of goods produced either by Russian companies or shipped to Russia by an importer-company. A certificate of compliance can be issued for a batch of goods and for a series production. You can get GOST R certificate for Russia, UkrSEPRO certificate for Ukraine, GOST K certificate for Kazakhstan and BelST certificates for Belarus from Markinvest.

Obligatory GOST R -certificate

The obligatory Russian GOST R certificate of conformity - on production which is subject to obligatory certification.

Russian GOST R Certificate of Conformity is essential to make it  possible for the product to enter into the Russian market and to be sold in Russia. Products requiring obligatory certification are listed in the full list of products subject to mandatory certification within GOST R system. Lists of these products are changing all the time, so it is necessary to confirm if the product needs obligatory certification.

Voluntary GOST R -certificate

The voluntary Certificate of Conformity - on production which is subject to voluntary certification; all other production which was not included into Lists of production which is subject to obligatory certification.

For products not subject to obligatory/mandatory certification according to the Russian law, voluntary certification may be applied. Usually this is a powerful marketing tool in the Russian market. In some projects or areas the voluntary certification can be required (voluntary certification becomes obligatory).

There are three types of GOST R certificates.

  • Shipment certification: provides necessary certificates for only one shipment.
  • Serial certification: allows the specified product to be imported to Russia for one year, regardless of the number of shipments and volume. It is valid 1-3 years.
  • Production certification: Russian experts certify the manufacturing facility, which allows to list and export to Russia any products coming off this facility for 3 years. Sometimes it involves inviting 2-3 Russian experts to inspect the facility.

Depending on the product, the GOST R certificate may require prior hygienic, fire safety certification, or Government Registration.

  • Hygienic Certificate for 1-5 years is granted for the manufacturer of the product, for retailer, dealer etc. 
  • Exemption Letter confirms that the exported or sold product is not a subject to the mandatory GOST R certificate in Russia. It is granted for the Russian applicants.

Documents needed for the GOST R Certificate of Conformity:

List of document required for obtaining a certificate of compliance with GOST-R, sanitary-epidemiological conclusion (hygiene certificate), fire safety certificate and certificate of series production:

  • Data on a manufacturer (address, telephone and fax numbers)
  • Data on an applicant
  • Certificate of registration of an applicant's company
  • Full name of products to be certified, including types and models
  • Catalog of products
  • Technical documentation
  • Certificates obtained earlier and testing protocols (desirable)
  • Sample of products to be certified
  • Letter of guarantee from a manufacturer

For certification of a batch of products:

  • Data on a manufacturer (address, telephone and fax numbers)
  • Data on an applicant
  • Certificate of registration of an applicant's company
  • Standards of an applicant's company
  • Full name, types and models of products to be certified
  • Catalog of products
  • Technical documentation
  • Certificates obtained earlier and testing protocols (desirable)
  • Batch quantity
  • Copy of a contract under which products are delivered
  • Sample of products to be certified
  • Attachment to a contract or specifications with the indication of products and their quantity
  • Copy of an invoice (desirable)

Annual inspection: mandatory to keep GOST R Certificate valid. Contract for the annual inspection is made when applying for the GOST R Certificate.

Trade contract: all valid GOST R certificates and other related documents subject to consumer safety and other responsibilities should be included in to any trade contract.

Manual instruction and maintenance instructions: has to be in Russian and there should be mentioned which kind of GOST R Certificates are granted for the product.

GOST R Mark (Mark of Conformity): has to be visible. The Mark consists of a sign standing for the GOST R certification system combined with the Certification Body registration number. GOST R Mark should also be printed on the rating plate. Instructions for the obligatory and the voluntary GOST R Mark are given when GOST R Certificate is granted.

Product packaging: instructions are available how to show GOST R Mark on the product label.
Copy of the Certificate: an official copy of the certificate has to be granted for the dealer or for the retailer, so they have to be able to give proof that the product has GOST R Certificate. An official copy of GOST R Certificate should be also available for the customers.

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