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The EAC insignia and its usage

Certified products must bear the EAC insignia when they are destined for any of the Eurasian Customs Union markets, i.e., Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan or Armenia.

The EAC insignia on a product or packaging indicates that the product has passed the EAC, TR CU / TR EAEU assessments of conformity and it has been granted a certificate, declaration or national registration. 

Requirements related to the EAC insignia in the EAEU countries

The EAC insignia must be placed on the product in a visible and permanent manner. If the EAC insignia cannot be put on the product itself, it can be placed on the package. The EAC insignia must be included in the operating instructions and other documents. 

The EAC insignia can be placed in any location where it remains legible throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Pursuant to the TR CU and TR EAEU technical regulations, all the markings must be placed on the goods before they are released for free circulation, i.e., before being imported into the EAEU region.

In accordance with the board decision of the EAEU Commission No. 711, the manufacturers and importers of goods have the right and the obligation to mark the products with the EAC insignia.

Instructions for attaching the EAC insignia

Each technical regulation provides instructions for attaching the EAC insignia. The rules of thumb are: 

  • - the exterior surface of packaging, transport packaging or transport protection (e.g., plastic or wooden covering)
  • - the product plate, label or similar
  • - the product brochure, technical passport or operating instructions


The EAC insignia

EAC stands for Eurasian Conformity. Products with the EAC insignia are considered safe for consumers

Each certified product must bear the EAC insignia. The EAC insignia consists of a combination of the three letters “E”, “A” and “C”.

The instructions on the size of the insignia do not mandate any specific dimensions, but the basic size must be at least 5 mm. The letters must be rectangular and the width and

height of the character must be the same.

The EAC insignia may be displayed as either positive or negative. In all cases, the EAC insignia must be visible to the customer and the authority at the time of purchase or when the product is imported into the Eurasian Customs Union.

Any other marking or image must not obscure the EAC insignia or make it illegible.


EAC EX insignia

Once the EAC EX insignia has been granted, it must be used on products covered by regulation TR CU 012/2011 for explosive atmospheres.

Violations of the EAC marking regulations

Failure to comply with the regulations on product markings may result in the institution of administrative proceedings, penalties or even the confiscation of the goods.

The CE insignia or GOST R certificate does not entail the right to use the EAC insignia.

In the inspections carried out by customs authorities, the most commonly detected breaches of marking regulations are:

  • - the statutory EAC insignia is missing
  • - the packaging bears the insignia, but it is missing from the product
  • - the appearance of the EAC insignia violates the marking standards (the letters are blurry, the font is the wrong size or the marking is uneven). 

What the EAC insignia is and how it is used: markinvest.eu

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